Our team
Welcome to our community of educators at Qalam International School! Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from around the globe, committed to nurturing and inspiring every student to achieve excellence.
Marwa Mansour
Marwa Mansour blends a passionate dedication to English education with her roots in business management. She has completed her study with Cambridge University & London Teacher Training College. As a mother of three and an enthusiast of swimming and reading, she embodies a well-rounded persona.

  • Education: Master’s degree in English education from Indonesia.
  • Years of Experience: Over 19 years of diverse teaching and administrative experience across various international settings since starting her teaching career in 2004.
  • Qualifications: Expertise in English language teaching, complemented by advanced leadership roles in educational administration.
  • Achievements: Notable for her roles as English Teacher, Head of English Department, Academic Dean, and CIE Exam Officer. Prominent speaker at numerous international conferences focused on English teaching, teacher training, and educational accreditation standards including AIAA, ADVANC-ED, Cambridge, and IB. Former executive member of TESOL.
Primary School Teacher
Lorie Ann
Ms. Lorie Ann brings a unique blend of enthusiasm and creativity to her teaching, driven by a belief in the individual potential of each child.

  • Education: Bachelor's degree in Political Science.
  • Years of Experience: Over a decade of experience nurturing young minds across UAE, Qatar, and Turkey.
  • Teaching Philosophy: Committed to creating a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment, Lorie believes that each child is unique and deserves a tailored approach to learning. Her classrooms are vibrant spaces where children explore and learn through play.
Primary School Teacher
Esther Abraham
Ms. Esther's enthusiasm for teaching shines through her positive attitude and creative methods, making her a beloved figure among her students.

  • Education: Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education.
  • Years of Experience: Many years dedicated to educating young minds in Ghana and Tajikistan, shaping the futures of children with her nurturing approach.
  • Teaching Philosophy: Esther is committed to unlocking each child's potential through a supportive and engaging learning environment. She emphasizes the importance of play in learning, advocating that it is essential for development and not just a luxury.
English language teacher
Faridun Sharipov
Mr. Faridun is a passionate and creative English teacher for young children. He loves to spark interest and joy in learning among his students.

  • Education: Master’s degree in English
  • Years of Experience: 14 years of educational practice in diverse international environments, particularly in China and Russia.
  • Qualifications: Known for using fun and unique ways to teach that match how each child learns best.
English language teacher
Talat Nasreddin
Mr. Talat brings a wealth of international experience to his teaching, enriching his classroom with diverse cultural insights and a deep understanding of global perspectives.

  • Education: Bachelors from NYU, Masters from Sussex University, and Celta certtified
  • Years of Experience: Nearly 4 years of impactful teaching in various international settings including the UK, US, China, Indonesia, Italy, and Dubai.
  • Teaching Philosophy: Talat is committed to nurturing both the minds and hearts of his students. He uses innovative and dynamic methods to make learning engaging and inspiring, helping students excel academically and grow personally.
English language teacher
Dr. Parvina Saidova
Dr. Parvina Saidova brings a distinguished blend of academic expertise and practical experience to her role as an English Language Teacher.

  • Education: Earned Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Education Management from Malaysia.
  • Professional Experience: Began her career as an English language teacher, advancing to roles such as Program Coordinator at ICA, Head of Department at GUC, and Dean of the Faculty of Human Development at GUC. She has 20 years of experience teaching students of various ages both locally and internationally.
  • Publications and Expertise: Dr. Saidova has published several books and research articles internationally, focusing on student learning and development. She is a qualified coach in IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, and Business English.
  • Awards and Recognition: Received multiple accolades for her teaching excellence, including the "Teacher of the Semester Award" at ICA in 2010. Her students have achieved significant recognition, including scholarships to study abroad and success in international exams like TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo, in collaboration with the Durakhshandagon-Centre of International Programs.
  • Philosophy: Dr. Saidova is committed to enhancing the educational journey of her students through dynamic and effective teaching strategies, fostering not only academic excellence but also global competence.
Math teacher
Hamida Ziyoeva
Ms. Hamida enriches her role as a Math Teacher with a robust academic foundation and extensive international research experience.

  • Education: Graduated from Tajik State National University with a major in Mathematics. She completed her postgraduate studies at the same university in 2014.
  • Research and Specialization: Hamida conducted several successful scientific research projects in Siberia, focusing on the "Influence of Women Power on The Process of Productivity," published in prestigious journals like TNU and Vestnik. Her passion for pure science led her to study Mental Arithmetic, earning a certificate as a "Mental Arithmetic Trainer" in 2022 from highly qualified Russian experts.
  • Professional Experience: Boasts 16 years of experience in the education sector, including roles at universities, education centers, and schools. Known for her excellent discipline and ability to engage all age groups.
  • Achievements: Notably, her students have participated and won honorable places at international tournaments in Moscow and Sochi, contributing to both her reputation and that of Tajikistan.
  • Philosophy: Believes in the fundamental role of mathematics in driving progress in the modern world, emphasizing a rigorous, engaging approach to teaching that prepares students for global challenges.
Tajik language teacher
Jomii Muhammadrahim
Mr. Jomi brings an extensive academic background and diverse international experience to his role as a Tajik Language Teacher.

  • Education: Graduated with honors from Tajik National State University, majoring in Asian and European Languages in 2008. He later pursued postgraduate studies in World Literature at the Academy of Science in Tajikistan, completing in 2016.
  • Professional Experience: Jomii's career spans roles as a lecturer at KSU, teacher and deputy director at Tajik Turkish Schools, and deputy director for education at Dushanbe International School. His experience with the international Cambridge system has been notably impactful.
  • Teaching Philosophy: Mr. Jomi is dedicated to cultivating a deep appreciation for the Tajik language and literature, employing a blend of traditional and innovative teaching methods to foster both academic excellence and personal growth in his students.
  • Languages: Fluent in Turkish, Persian, English, and Arabic.